Ear Aesthetics


The prominent ear deformity is the case where the auricle is curved forward, contrary to the normal anatomical position. The prominent ear is a common problem that can be the source of significant psychosocial, emotional, or behavioral problems in children. It is the most common congenital ear deformity. Prominent ear operations are safe procedures. Since only the outer part of the ear is intervened in prominent ear aesthetics, it does not cause any problems with hearing.

Ope of Operation
The pinna completes its development around 6 years of age. The most suitable period for the proposed prominent ear aesthetics is the pre-school period. At the age of starting school, the circle of friends with which children communicate expands and this period is very fragile and sensitive for children. They are affected by situations such as being mocked and nicknamed for their ear appearance. This can cause a lack of self-confidence and may feel the need to hide their ears with their hair at later ages. Aesthetic ear operation can be corrected at any age later on.

Pre-Operation Interview
• In the interview, first of all, your current ear complaints and your expectation after the operation are evaluated.
• Your ear is photographed from 6 different angles and you are informed about the possible appearance of your ear after the operation.
• Photographs of the operated prominent ears before and after the operation are shown.
• When you decide on the operation, my assistant plans a suitable operation day for you.
Preparation for the Operation Time
• Aspirin and its derivatives are discontinued one week before the operation. (Do not stop the medication you are constantly using without consulting your doctor.)
• It is recommended not to use cigarettes for a while before and after the operation.
• If women are menstruated on that date, there is no harm in having the operation.
Hospital on the day of the operation. Don't put on make-up, don't use hair gel, wear comfortable clothes, leave your jewelry at home.
• You should be at the hospital about an hour before the operation.
• If you want to come to your reserved room, you will be given oral medication, which will relax you.

Operation Technique
Non-Surgical Prominent Ear Aesthetics with Thread; This should be done on appropriate patients who do not have much ear deformation. It is a simple and easy method. It is generally not a reassuring and robust operation. To obtain a precise, solid, and effective result, cartilage shaping is a more reliable option to repair.
Prominent Ear Aesthetics; No suture marks are formed on the visible surfaces of the ear. This operation is performed with a short vertical incision of about 3 cm made behind the ear. The desired shape is made to the cartilage and fixed with permanent sutures. The ear skin is stitched with dissolving stitches and the ear is wrapped with a bandage. Since dissolving stitches are used, there is no need to remove stitches.

Type of Anesthesia
It is applied under local or general anesthesia.

Operation Time
Depending on the deformity in the ear, it varies between 30 minutes – 2 hours

Recovery Process
You can return to your home on the day of the operation.
Due to the effect of local anesthesia, there is no pain for about 4 hours after the operation, you will feel a slight pain afterward and it is not at a level that will affect your daily life. The painkillers will relax you which we give.
The patient's ear is bandaged for 3 days, so it is recommended to wear a tennis band or hair band for 2 weeks to protect it from trauma.
After 3-5 days, as close to normal You can go out on the street and continue your daily life.
You can take a warm short shower on the 4th day after the operation.
You will not have any stitches to be removed since dissolving stitches are used in the operation.
After the prominent ear operation, the ear may swell slightly and color change may occur. . These will pass in a few days.
You can do light-paced exercises that do not tire you two weeks after the operation.
It is recommended to protect your ear against trauma for 3 months.
After the 3rd week, you notice the new shape of your ear better, you don't feel the need to hide it with your hair and you start enjoying it.
Prominent ear aesthetics is an operation that gives good and permanent results in general, improves the mental health of the person, increases self-confidence, and makes it more connected to life

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