I had a rhinoplasty operation and everything was perfect. Dr Vepa took very good care of me and the success of his team is remarkable.

Banu Karahan

With my doctor Vepa, we listened to my complaints very friendly and carefully and determined the nose shape that would best suit my face. Thank you to him.

Sibel Türkmen

Thanks to my teacher Vepa, it is impossible to leave unhappy. He is a wonderful doctor with a smiling face, really concerned about his patients, explaining all the details of the surgery he will do, reassuring.

Çetin Kaya

The doctor who is the reason for my happiness when I look in the mirror. After a very easy and comfortable rhinoplasty operation, I got the nose I wanted painlessly and painlessly thanks to Vepa.

Ali Çal

I had a nose surgery recently, and when I look at my old self, the difference in my nose really becomes clear. I write with sincerity, my face has undergone a wonderful change. He is the number one doctor I would definitely recommend.

Zeliha Çelen

I cannot thank my doctor Vepa Silapov enough. I had rhinoplasty for him last year. I'm glad I made this decision, he is a great doctor and gave me exactly the nose of my dreams.

Sena Yılmaz

I am very lucky to have met a qualified doctor like Vepa, who loves his job. A nose job could be this perfect. I am very happy with my new nose.

Ahsen Gündüz